18 Apr 2019

New servers launched!

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By Trimerus

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Thank you for your interest to support us!

All our VIP packages feature the following perks:

  • Connect to a full server
    • Play in the next round as soon as you've chosen a team!
  • Use !voteban and !votekick against disruptive players
  • All !store items for free
  • Access to the in-game !vip command, which lets you:
    • Set your own custom scoreboard clantag;
    • Set a custom chat tag;
    • Customize your text & name colour in the chat.
  • You can use the deagle
  • And you recieve a Smoke & Zeus at the beginning of every round!
We're currently working on the following:
  • AWP Priority: VIPs get the AWP before anyone else.
What are you waiting for? Our VIP Packages can be found here